Disciplinary Actions against Richard Rankin, D.C.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

In 1994, Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners reprimanded Richard F. Rankin, D.C. fined him $1,000, and placed him on probation for two years. As part of the case settlement, he was required to stop using a Toftness device in the treatment of patients. The Toftness device, which is a diagnostic fake, has been subjected to repeated FDA regulatory action.

In 2004, as noted below, the Arkansas board concluded that he had violated the 1994 order by diagnosing another patient with a Toftness device and inappropriate muscle-testing. The muscle testing, a variant of applied kinesiology, involved testing the patient's arm strength after directing the patient to "conjure a thought" and "talking to the patient's brain." The board fined Rankin $2,000, suspended his license for 30 days, ordered him to take 12 hours of remedial education, placed him on probation for two years, and permanently banned him from using a Toftness device for diagnosis or treatment of any patient.

Rankin now operates the Advanced Allergy Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The International Caregivers Association Web site states that Rankin developed the Good Shepherd Healing System™ (GSHS™), which the site describes as a form of "energy medicine" that can achieve remission in all forms of dementias by delivering "voice commands" to specific body systems. He also advertises that "whatever chronic condition you have, it is curable."



NO: 217-03-02-04


The Board has the duty and responsibility to regulate the profession of chiropractic medicine and specifically has the authority to discipline chiropractic physicians for violations of Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-81-313. Pursuant to a complaint filed by Keith Smith with the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners (hereafter "Board") a hearing was held on December 9, 2004, in the Board Hearing Room, Conference Room C, located in the Main Street Mall, 101 East Capitol, Suite 117, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201. Respondent, Dr. Rankin, appeared prose. Evidence was presented by the Board's attorney, Assistant Attorney General J. Kevin Coker. After reviewing documents received into evidence and hearing sworn testimony, the Board makes the following Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law.


  1. At all times pertaining to this matter, Dr. Rankin stipulated that he held a license as a Chiropractor issued by this Board.
  2. Dr. Rankin stipulated he had treated John Smith, complainant's father, numerous times since February 18, 2002.
  3. As a part of his treatment of Mr. Smith, Dr. Rankin used a "Toftness instrument."
  4. In 1994, Dr. Rankin entered into a Consent Decree with this Board in which he agreed, among other things, "that he will not utilize the 'amplifier' or "I'oftness' machine in the treatment of any patient." Dr. Rankin violated the 1994 consent decree.
  5. Dr. Rankin employed unconventional methods of "lights and sounds" in diagnosing and treating John Smith.
  6. Dr. Rankin was found not guilty of failing to diagnose Smith as suffering from pneumonia.
  7. Dr. Rankin employed unconventional methods for diagnosing Mr. Smith's ailments that involved, but was not limited to, Dr. Rankin exerting physical resistance against Mr. Smith's extended arm while Mr. Smith was directed to conjure a thought. Dr. Rankin then "talked to [Smith's] brain" and developed a diagnosis.


  1. The Board finds that Dr. Rankin violated Board Regulation (C)(2)(n) which prohibits negligent or reckless practice or the intentional misapplication of practice regardless of the degree of injury to the patient.
  2. The Board finds that the above violation of Board Regulation (C)(2)(n) constitutes unprofessional conduct as prohibited by Ark. Code Ann. § 17- 8 l-313( a)(6).
  3. The Board finds that Dr. Rankin is unfit or incompetent by reasons of negligence, habits, or other causes as prohibited by Ark. Code Ann. § 17- 81-313 (a)(3).
  4. The Board finds that Dr. Rankin's conduct in this instance provided sufficient grounds to discipline Dr. Rankin pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 17-81-313(a).


  1. It is therefore ordered that Dr. Rankin pay a fine of $2,000. Payment must be remitted directly to the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners office within thirty (30) days of this Order.
  2. It is further ordered that Dr. Rankin's license be suspended for a period of thirty (30) days effective immediately from the date of this order.
  3. It is further ordered that Dr. Rankin complete 12 hours of continuing education that must first be pre-approved by the Board. These hours must relate to the standard of care a chiropractor owes to his patient. These hours must be completed before licensure is approved in 2005, or in any subsequent year Respondent applies for a license.
  4. It is further ordered that Dr. Rankin be placed on probation for 2 years. This period of time is to run concurrently with licensure.
  5. It is further ordered that Dr. Rankin is prohibited from using the toftness machine for the treatment or diagnosis of any patient in the future.



Executive Director

DATE: 12/30/04

This article was posted on December 15, 2016.

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