Disciplinary Action against
Eric Braverman, M.D. (1997)

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

In 1997, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners issued a consent order (shown below) under which Eric Braveman, M.D. was reprimanded and agreed to pay $20,000 for costs, complete two specified continuing medical education courses, and have patients charts monitored by another physician for one year. The agreement settled charges and ended a temporary license suspension that had been in effect for about ten months. A CV on Braverman's clinic Web site described him as an "accomplished, world-renowned doctor, researcher, author, television and radio personality specializing in neurology, biochemistry, anti-aging, longevity, total health and wellness." Quackwatch has a detailed report about Braverman


James F. Lafargue and Brenda Talbot Lewis,
Deputy Attorneys General
Division of Law
124 Halsey St., 5th floor
P.O. Box 45029
Newark, New Jersey 07102
Telephone (201) 648-7457


In the Matter of the License of


To Practice Medicine and Surgery
in the State of New Jersey



Administrative Action


Filed May 28, 1997

This matter was opened to the New Jersey State Board ofMedica1 Examiners by way of Verified Complaint filed by Peter Verniero, Attorney General of New Jersey, by Brenda T. Lewis, Deputy Attorney General, with offices located at 124 Halsey St., Newark, New Jersey. The Verified Complaint alleged various violations of N.J.S.A. 45:1-21 and N.J.S.A. 45:1-13, as well as other statutes and regulations. The Attorney General filed an application for temporary suspension of Respondent's license to practice medicine, alleging that his continued practice would constitute a clear and imminent danger to the public of New Jersey. A hearing was held before the Board of Medica1 Examiners on July 10, 1996, which resulted in the temporary suspension of Respondent's license to practice medicine in New Jersey. The matter was thereafter transmitted to the Office of Administrative Law for plenary hearing on the charges in the Verified Complaint, as amended, before Hon. Solomon Metzger, A.L.J., commencing on September 30, 1996. That hearing is still in progress,

In that hearing, the State contends and presented witnesses to the effect that the practice of medicine by Respondent deviated from accepted standards of medical practice to the extent that it violated the above statutes. Respondent denies the State's allegations, and has presented witnesses to the effect that his medical practice conformed to or exceeded applicable medica1 standards. At this time, the parties seek to reach a resolution without the expense and delay of fully litigating this matter to its conclusion. The parties have accordingly discussed resolution of this matter, and agreed in light of all the facts that the matter may appropriately be resolved by the entry of this Consent Order.

It therefore appearing that the parties have agreed to a resolution of this matter without the necessity for further proceedings, it appearing that Respondent has read and agreed to abide by the terms of this Order, it further appearing that this Order is adequately protective of the public interest, and good cause therefore existing for the entry of this Order, it is therefore on this 28th day of May, 1997, agreed and ORDERED:

1. Respondent is hereby reprimanded for: (a) inadequate record keeping; (b) incomplete physical examination of the wrist of patient E.B. only; the reprimand does not extend to other aspects of Dr. Braverman's care and treatment of patient E.B.; and (c) practicing medicine while under temporary suspension; while any violation may have been unintentional and may have been based upon the advice of counsel, Respondent acknowledges responsibility therefor.

2. Dr. Braverman agrees to take two CME courses specified by the Board of Medical Examiners. One course is given by Dr. William Vilensky. The other course is titled "P.r.o.B.E." The Medical Board frequently specifies participation in this second course as part of resolutions of disputes with physicians.

3. Dr. Braverman agrees to a review of his charts for new patients twice a month, in light of the matters addressed in paragraph 1 of this Order, by a licensed physician, who shall not be an employee of Dr. Braverman, but who shall be suggested by Dr. Braverman and approved by the Board of Medical Examiners, at Dr. Braverman's sole expense, for one year beginning on the day that Dr. Braverman opens or becomes employed by a medical practice in New Jersey, The selected reviewer will report each month to the Board that the chart review has occurred, and will report any deficiencies in writing to the Board.

4. The Medical Board has imposed no fine or civil penalty. As an effort to resolve an expensive proceeding without further expense, Dr. Braverman agrees to pay to the State of New Jersey $20,000 of its costs of the investigation and hearing. This sum will be paid beginning on the day that Dr. Braverman opens or becomes employed by a medical practice in New Jersey, in equal installments, as follows: $5,000 on the day that Dr. Braverman begins practice in the State of New Jersey, and $5,000 on each of the next three annual anniversaries of that date, so that the amount will be fully paid over a three year period. Dr. Braverman's license to practice medicine in the State of New Jersey will be reinstated immediately upon payment of the usual annual renewal fee for a medical license; provided, however, that he will not resume practicing in the State of New Jersey until he has notified the Board of Medical Examiners in writing and paid the first installment ($5,000).

5. The State of New Jersey and the Board of Medical Examiners hereby dismiss, with prejudice, all other allegations of all Counts of the First Amended Complaint filed against Respondent on or about August 29, 1996.

6. The July 17, 1996 Order of Temporary Suspension, as well as the July 10/11, 1996 Oral Order of the Board of Medical Examiners to that effect, are hereby dismissed with prejudice. Although the allegations at the inception of the case appeared to warrant a summary suspension based on the materials presented at the time, the Parties agree that, ultimately, based on substantial additional evidence adduced at the hearing, the suspension proved unwarranted.


I have read the within Consent Order and I understand its terms. I consent to its entry by the State Board of Medical Examiners and agree to be bound by those terms.

Eric R. Braverman, M.D.


Agnes I. Rymer, Esq.
Counsel for Respondent


James F. Lafargue
Deputy Attorney General

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