Robban Sica, M.D. Charged
with Probation Violations

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Robban A. Sica, M.D., who operates the Center for the Healing Arts in Orange, Connecticut, is facing charges that could result in revocation of her medical license. In 2003, she was charged with improperly using chelation therapy to treat cardiovascular disease, failing to obtain adequate consent for such treatment, and failing to properly manage many of these patients whom she said were suffering from heavy metal toxicity.

In 2005, Sica and the state licensing authorities signed the consent order under which she agreed to: (a) serve a year of probation, (b) stop using DMPS as a chelating agent, (c) stop using a provoked test to diagnose heavy metal toxicity, (d) use a patient consent form which states that chelation therapy has not been scientifically substantiated, and (e) have her practice monitored by an independent consultant. DMPS is not a legal drug. In March 2010, as noted below, Sica was charged with violating the 2005 order by prescribing it for 11 patients.

Quackwatch has additional information on Sica's background.


In re: Robban Sica, M.D.
Petition No. 2002-0306-001-043


Pursuant to the General Statutes of Connecticut, §§19a-10 and 19a-14, the Department of Public Health (hereinafter "the Department") brings the following charges against Robban Sica, M.D. :

  1. Robban Sica of Trumbull, Connecticut (hereinafter "respondent") is, and has been at all times referenced in this Statement of Charges, the holder of license number 026453 to practice as a physician and surgeon in Connecticut. 

  2. On January 31, 2005, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board ordered a Consent Order in Petition Number 2002-0306-001-043 that restricted respondent’s license such that respondent shall not use Dimercapto Propane Sulfonic Acid (hereinafter “DMPS”) for any purpose until such time as the United States Food And Drug Administration or the Connecticut Department Of Consumer Protection approves its use or until its effectiveness and safety have been demonstrated by scientifically controlled and published human studies and then only for the specific conditions studied and at the doses found effective and safe in said studies.

  3. Respondent treated patient B.S. from on or about August 8, 2006 through on or about December 1, 2006.  Respondent diagnosed a variety of conditions, which she treated with intravenous and transdermal chelators, including DMPS.

  4. In addition to prescribing DMPS for patient B.S., respondent prescribed DMPS for ten patients between on or about March 14, 2005 and on or about February 26, 2007.

  5. Respondent’s conduct as described above constitutes a violation of the permanent restriction on her license set forth in the consent order in Petition No. 2002-0306-001-043 and subjects respondent’s license to revocation or other disciplinary action authorized by the General Statutes of Connecticut, §§19a 17 and 20-13c(4). 

THEREFORE, the Department prays that:

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board, as authorized by the General Statutes of Connecticut, §§19a-17 and 20-13c, revoke or order other disciplinary action against the license of Robban Sica, M.D. as it deems appropriate and consistent with law.

Dated at Hartford, Connecticut this 19 day of March, 2010.  

Jennifer Filippone, Section Chief
Practitioner Licensing and Investigations
Healthcare Systems Branch

This page was posted on April 6, 2010.

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