Maker of Shane Toothpaste Must Halt Deceptive Ads,
and Substantiate Claims in the Future, under Agreement With FTC

FTC News Release
August 10, 1987

The Federal Trade Commmission announced today that the maker of Shane toothpaste has agreed to settle charges it deceptively claimed its toothpaste cures gum disease and is superior to other toothpastes in reducing plaque. Under a consent agreement issued today for public comment, Jerome Milton Inc. agreed to have substantiation for such claims in the future.

The consent agreement settles a 1984 FTC complaint charging the company and Jerome Milton Schulman, an officer of the company, did not have substantiation to support its advertising claims for the toothpaste.

Under the agreement, Milton may not claim that Shane cures or alleviates the symptoms of canker or cold sores, or reduces tooth sensitivity, unless it has at least one well-controlled clinical test to substantiate the claim. In addition, the company must rely on one or more scientifically-accepted tests or studies for claims that the toothpaste is useful in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.

Milton must have at least two well-controlled clinical tests to substantiate claims that the product reduces plaque more effectively than any other oral hygiene product or that it cures or alleviates gingivitis or periodontitis, under the agreement.

The company and individual both do business in Chicago.

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