FTC Announces $1,040,000 Paid In Refunds To "Dream Away" Customers

Seeks Additional Purchasers

FTC News Release
October 17, 1988

The Federal Trade Commission announced that $1.04 million has been sent in refund checks to purchasers of "Dream Away" diet pills. However, the Commission is continuing to search for additional purchasers who may not have submitted an application for refunds.

In June the FTC announced that the maker of "Dream Away" and "Advanced Dream Away" had turned over $1.1 million, which the Commission is using to pay refunds to purchasers.

The product was advertised on cable television from 1984 until January 1988, with such claims as "Just take Dream Away before going to bed. You will wake up the next morning slimmer, trimmer, and looking better than you did before." The Commission filed a complaint in federal court in January charging that the product does not cause weight loss in a short period of time, while sleeping, or at all.

The Commission said that a total of about $102,000 was sent to 3,000 Dream Away purchasers who sent in valid claims. In addition, checks for $19.95 — the price of one bottle — were sent to approximately 47,000 names found on the company's customer list. The Commission is encouraging the people on that list who may have purchased more than one bottle, or purchasers who have not previously submitted claims to write to:

Redress Offer
Dream Away Settlement Fund
Federal Trade Commission
PO Box 990
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Consumers should include proof of purchase, such as a cancelled check or credit slip, to insure that they are included. The deadline is December 1. Checks for additional refunds will be mailed in mid-February 1989.

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