FTC Charges Schering Corp. with
Deceptive Advertising of Fibre Trim Tabs

Issues Administrative Complaint

FTC News Release
September 28, 1989

The Federal Trade Commission today charged Schering Corp. with making deceptive and unsubstantiated claims that its product, Fibre Trim, is an effective weight loss product and a high fiber supplement.

Schering is a subsidiary of Schering-Plough Corp., a major national pharmaceutical manufacturer. Schering manufactures pharmaceuticals, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines such as Coricidin, Chlor-Trimeton and Tinactin, as well as vision care and animal health products. According to trade sources, Schering's sales for all products for 1987 were approximately $2.1 billion.

According to the complaint, Schering's advertisements and promotional materials claim that Fibre Trim is "a proven, natural way to lose weight," and that it "offers you all of fiber's wonderful health benefits as well." The company also claims that Fibre Trim is "one of the best sources of dietary fiber," that the tablets are a "high fiber supplement," and that a serving of Fibre Trim provides 2.35 grams of dietary fiber.

The FTC complaint alleges that although Schering ads claim that Fibre Trim is an effective appetite suppressant, weight loss, or weight maintenance product, the company did not have a reasonable basis for these claims. The complaint also alleges that Schering did not have a reasonable basis for the claims that Fibre Trim provides the health benefits associated with a fiber-rich diet or a high intake of dietary fiber from food.

Additionally, according to the complaint, Schering falsely claims that Fibre Trim is a high fiber supplement, that Fibre Trim provides 2.35 grams of fiber per serving, and that the recommended daily dosage of Fibre Trim provides a significant portion of a person's daily requirements of dietary fiber.

The Commission vote to issue the complaint was 4-0, with Chairman Janet Steiger not participating.

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