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FTC News Release
April 17, 1998

Petitions to reopen and modify or set aside orders

The FTC has received a petition from the following entity seeking changes in, or termination of, an FTC order. The FTC is seeking public comments on the newly-received petition for 30 days, until May 19, 1998.

Columbia/HCA Corporation, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has filed a petition asking the Commission to modify a number of outstanding orders, to eliminate the requirement that Columbia obtain the Commission's approval before acquiring hospitals in certain local areas of the United States and before allowing its hospitals in those areas to be acquired. Alternatively, Columbia asks that these orders be modified to require, instead of prior Commission approval, that Columbia provide advance written notification of such sales or acquisitions. (Docket Nos. C-3472, C-3505, D-9256, C-3538, and C-3544)

Settlement agreement announced

The following entity has entered into a settlement agreement with the Commission. The final order is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission of a law violation. The order, which has the force of law, was signed by US District Court Judge John McBryde on April 14, 1998.

AmeraPress Inc., which operates principally in Euless, Texas, and three other corporate defendants — Voxcom Sales, LLC, located in Dallas, Texas, The Home Business Group, Inc., which has its principal office in St. George, Utah, and Vendworx, Inc., also of St. George, Utah, have agreed to pay $500,000 in consumer redress as part of an agreement with the FTC that settles charges the defendants violated the FTC Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive practices. In addition, the defendants have agreed to various recordkeeping provisions that will enable the FTC to monitor compliance with the order. The Commission's vote to authorize final settlement was 5-0. (FTC File No. 972-3295, Civil Action No. 4-98CV-0143A.)

Consent agreements given final approval

Following a public comment period, the Commission has made final consent agreements with the following entities. The Commission action makes the consent orders binding on the respondents.

FTC complaints have been amended in the following cases to name additional defendants:

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