USPS Administrative Law Judge Decisions

Most mail-order health schemes attempt to exploit people's fear of being unattractive. Their promoters are usually“hit-and-run" artists who hope to make a profit before the government stops their false ads. Common products include “miracle” weight-loss plans, fitness and bodybuilding products, “spot-reducing” devices (claimed to reduce specific parts of the body), antiaging products, and alleged sex aids. For many years, the Postal Service had an active program to detect and stop such schemes, but the program was abandoned in the early 1990s. The Postal Service maintains a searchable archive of administrative law decisions. This site will gradually archive the decisions on health-related mail-order products, most of which were issued between 1957 and 1996. To find more, search the USPS archive of administrative law decisions for terms such as "diet," "health," "vitamin," or "nutrition"

Bogus Educational Opportunities

Mail-Order Health Products

Denial of Permit to Mail at Periodicals Rate

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